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Welcome to Fresh Water – A World of Life! 

Fresh water is required for all life.  

In Sweden we are spoiled with clean water.  

Despite the fact we have altered and destroyed many of our water bodies,  

there are still many lovely environments left.  

But we need to look after them.  

And we need to protect them  


Over two years, I have travelled around Sweden,  

to take photographs of freshwater habitats.  

I have documented glaciers, rivers, streams, lakes,  

wetlands, springs and water pools  

and the multitude of species that live in these habitats. 


It has been a fantastic journey from north to south.  

Despite the fact I have seen and experienced a huge amount,  

I have only scratched the surface of the watery world.  


There is so much more to tell.  

And so much left to discover.  

I hope this exhibition inspires you to make 

new discoveries in our fantastic fresh 



Johan Hammar, nature photographer 

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